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Loneliness may not end with death. Only in the Lisbon area, the number of social funerals accompanied by “Irmandade São Roque” reaches hundreds of cases. From homeless people to others in which no one claims their bodies, remains a sober and dignified funeral. Following some of these ceremonies floods anyone with a sea of questions. Cities grow and in parallel many issues seem to remain unanswered. “Bury the dead” is a human act. A flower, a few words and a huge weight in the eyes of those who watch. According to the Brotherhood, “The reasons for adherence vary from chaperone to chaperone, there is always a common point that unites us all, a gesture of compassion, of tenderness, to the one who, at the end of his earthly life, lacked the human warmth of family, friends  and of the acquaintances.”
I remember at one funeral a question from the priest: “Does anyone know if this sister was baptized?” The answer was silence and with it thousands of questions that lies behind.

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